Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is the second Halloween Mix of 2010. I made this for the creeps that find this time of the year romantic...myself included. There are genuinely creepy "love"-related songs on it, as well.

Download here.

Or listen here.

Halloween 2010 Mix Two:
"Burn"-The Cure
"Demons Sing Love Songs"-Unwound
"Spooky"-Classics IV
"Ava Adore"-The Smashing Pumpkins
"Black Sheep"-Metric
"Love Me"-The Cramps
"No One Does It Like You"-Department of Eagles
"He Hit Me"-Grizzly Bear
"Sadness Creeping Up and Scaring Away the Couple's Happiness"-Of Montreal
"I Will Possess Your Heart"-Death Cab for Cutie
"I'm Always Manic (When I'm Around You)"-A Big Yes and A Small No
"Pretty When You Cry"-VAST
"Don't Cha"-Xiu Xiu
"Wet Dreams"-The Growlers
"Little Red Riding Hood"-Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs
"I Love You, Too"-Disney's Pete's Dragon
"Love Potion #9"-The Searchers
"I Love the Dead"-Alice Cooper

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