Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A general update on life.

I didn't report things here. I didn't feel the need to say anything about things as they happened. This has conveniently combined with my desire to begin making podcasts. The following is my first ever podcast show, separated into two parts. The music is good, but I think my voice breaks are shitty. Also, I'm working with a laptop mic and Audacity. Also, it's whiny. Bear with me.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

You can download the show here and here.

Or, just listen to them right here.
Part one.

Part two.

These are the setlists.

Part One:
"DJ"-David Bowie
"Here's Your Future"-The Thermals
"Free to Go"-The Folk Implosion
"Rocket USA"-Suicide
"I'm Going Home"-Tim Curry
"Alphabet Town"-Elliott Smith
"Kerosene"-Big Black
"Happy in Fort Wayne"-The Beautys
"Digital"-Joy Division
"Send in the Clowns"-The Tiger Lillies
"Miss You"-The Rolling Stones
"Try Try Try"-The Smashing Pumpkins
"Come Home"-Good Luck
"Tomorrow Belongs to Me"-Cabaret Film Cast

Part Two:
"Tomorrow Is Already Here"-Stereolab
"To Hell With Poverty"-Gang of Four
"Do They Owe Us a Living?"-Crass
"Dirty Work"-Poison Girls
"College"-Animal Collective
"Meet Your Master"-Nine Inch Nails
"Thank You, Friends"-Big Star
"Walkabout"-Atlas Sound
"So Alone"-Ty Segall
"Let It Be Known"-The Growlers
"I'm Here But No I'm Not"-We Are Hex
"So Happy I Could Die"-Lady GaGa
"Against Me"-Why?
"I Wanna Sleep"-No Age
"Telephone Line"-Electric Light Orchestra
"Be Thankful for What You Got"-William DeVaughn
"Song to the Siren"-This Mortal Coil
"Try, Try, Try"-Rockaby Baby
"Walking Corpse"-Otis & The Rufies

EDIT: I meant to have "Thank You, Friends" by Big Star, but it's actually "You Can't Have Me" on the mix, because the file names themselves were messed up. Sorry, guys.



  2. While I haven't heard of most of these bands, I shall download them and potentially enjoy. :]

    <3 Erin