Monday, January 4, 2010


While I might be scared and still totally unsure of what I'm going to do, I know that I am very, very excited about the future.

Currently, choices include:

1.) Moving to Seattle with Gizmo and taking the biggest chance of my life on it. There's no guarantee of a job and getting out there would require me to spend all my money. There is the chance of getting stranded out there and completely failing, which is completely terrifying to me. My parents would not be able to financially help me out if I got stuck out there.

2.) Moving to Chicago by myself. While also very risky, it'd still be close and I'd feel much safer because of that. Being four hours away from home would be very comforting. Plenty to do and see in Chicago, but no guarantees of finding a job. I would settle for working in a Burger King or something.

3.) Moving to Louisville by myself. Less of a safety net than Chicago, because at least I'd know some people in Chicago. But Louisville has a lot of character and, again, it has plenty going on for itself as well as a big artsy community. And it's warmer than Chicago. Again, no guarantee of finding a job.

4.) Living at home amongst all my possessions in a small room for a year, spending my time working a low-end job and studying for the GRE, taking the GRE, then going back to Bloomington for SLIS in the fall of 2011. Benefits include no rent, a bed, free food, family and dogs. Downsides include lack of real world experience, living in Fort Wayne for another year of my life, and possibly being unable to find a job because Fort Wayne is a black hole in which people stay forever (so I'd be battling all age groups and levels of experience in finding a job...anywhere).

5.) All of 4. except moving out of state and going straight for the kill in my eventual PhD in CMCL at a different university.

6.) Other.

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