Saturday, December 5, 2009


Why am I sick again? Couldn't I have made it through the rest of the year without this?

No, apparently.

I'm annoying myself with what I typically bring up with other people in conversation: rejectors, my writing, my uncertain future. Lord, save us all from my ramblings.

I still want to move to Seattle when this undergrad stuff is done. I'm going to live in a small house with as many other people as possible to share the rent with. This is the goal. Then maybe I'll feel PUMPED about taking out more loans so that I can go to grad school somewhere nice. Which may or may not be right back here in beautiful Bloomington. That depends on what the university thinks about grad students going through the same program they went through as undergrads. I think I heard somewhere that they're opposed to it, especially in CMCL. I just assumed it was true, which was part of the reason I wanted to go into library sciences instead, then to come back for a doctorate in CMCL, should they be willing to have me.

I don't really know what I want right now, but I know that I still love CMCL and that I still want a doctorate. I'm also seriously considering suddenly going into vet school.

"What did you do before you became a veterinarian?"
"Oh, I analyzed the cultural implications of various pieces of media through my B.A. in English and Communication and Culture."
"Why would you ever stop doing that?"
"Who says I have?"
"Point taken."

In another news, I have been conceptually consumed by cannibalism lately. Ha.

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