Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trivial pursuits.

The silence of this computer lab was just abruptly broken by the girl sitting next to me, who's the type to yell into her phone. She made a call, and...well, it was loud. And boring.

I've given up on the person I'd been pining for for months. She's more interested in someone who's thousands of miles away. Oh well.

There has been a creeping feeling of dissatisfaction in my life. It's giving me ideas for stories I would like to write, but the stories never seem interesting enough to me to actually write them into existence. So they are forgotten. One after the other. Poof. Poof poof poof. Poof.

There is a new radio show in my future. 10-noon on Saturday mornings on WIUX-LP: Pure Student Radio. Until December, when the semester's over and I suddenly go for a new slot. Joy. Nevermind. I remain dissatisfied.

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