Friday, July 3, 2009

Momentary snapshot of a living room that isn't mine.

Minima was, of course, the best choice.

It was only a matter of time before I started making such day to day thoughts so public, wasn't it? It was. Stop denying it.

I said stop it. Please.

Funerals are outnumbering births in Russia. Most men have been dying in the prime of their lives due to work-related injuries. Cancer is also very common. Drinking has apparently caused more than half of all Russian deaths since the fall of the Soviet Union. Is it just me, or are these statements slightly contradictory? I feel like the news is giving me some kind of logic math problem and I don't like it.

The American unemployment rate surpasses 20, perhaps even 25 or 30 percent. We just don't have "proof" of it yet. I'm currently apart of that statistic and I'm slightly pissed off about it. However, I did always love stories about people who'd been stranded on islands by themselves and left to survive for long periods of time. I'm already starting to apply that love to the way I operate in my urban surroundings. Last night, a friend left two pieces of her small pizza in my refridgerator with no desire to retrive them, nor the crusts of the pieces she ate. That was my dinner. Also, I may soon implement a severe diet of only cheap, non-real foods. Perhaps I would like to become a plasticate...naturally. Secretly, I feel that this is a fun opportunity to watch myself deteriorate in some new and disturbing way previously unnoticed by the medical profession. As long as I do not become a posterchild for the organic movement, I feel that this is bound to work.

I found myself thinking, as I drove down 3rd St. in the early morning sun, that saying that something is "bound to be" something is kind of disturbing. It's as if the concept is bound and tethered to some kind of reality or inevitability. I don't know that I actually want to enslave anything, even if it's only a concept. Even if it's only linguistically. Unless that enslavement is going to be highly lucrative. I could use the money right now.

Perhaps I should devise a lucrative torture business akin to the work of the sect in Martyrs. They were privately funded by old people who wanted to catch a glimpse of the next world before going there via the tortured eyes of their victims. That seems like a poor investment to me. Seriously, ladies and gents, you're, what, 10 years at most from seeing it for yourselves? And you just know that they wouldn't end up sharing their gained knowledge with people who hadn't paid quite a bit of money. I suppose this means that I liked that film, because I'm still contemplating it 24 hours later.

I just looked up at the television screen in the living room of the home I'm caring for until the 15th that's currently displaying PBS only to see a cheetah with a bloody mouth roaring as The B-52's "Roam" played. Now an acoustic cover of "She Blinded Me With Science" is playing as a montage of "scientific things" is displayed. Oh no, they're talking about the economy again.

Ugh. A&E is still broadcasting Battle of the Buldge. I know that was a real battle, but now it only makes me think of the bad puns that were made about the "obesity epidemic" in the late 90s.

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