Wednesday, June 30, 2010


After telling mom about last night, she also suspected that it was one of the creepy guys that lives on the other side of Mrs. Creighton. Then she proceeded to tell me about how she once saw one of those men screaming and chasing a cat with that very same katana. And about seeing them screaming at and hitting one of their numerous dogs. And about a creepy "don't steal our dog" sign positioned in such a place that only Mrs. Creighton would be able to see it. I have trouble imagining an elderly woman snatching a dog. Perhaps calling Animal Control...but not snatching it.

Also, I just got a job as a deli clerk at Fresh Market. $8.25/hr. Minimally 25 hrs per week. The assistant manager seemed very apologetic about offering me such a "low" rate when I already have experience in the position. I insisted that it was fine and that I didn't mind starting low and working my way upward. Which I don't. I think I enjoy earning my place in ranking systems. He insisted that I'll probably be offered a full-time position within a month.

Also, Meijer conducted a phone interview with me before I went to Fresh Market today. If they're willing to offer me a third shift position (one of those AM deals), I'll take it. I just want to be making money all the time. And that goal is within reach.

Now, to set up some freelance writing positions.

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