Sunday, August 9, 2009


An awesome week ended with a bad time. BALLS.

I met Deerhunter on Wednesday. Bradford Cox signed a poster. As did Dan Deacon, despite my "mixed feelings" regarding his music. He was really cool.

I also won the Twin Peaks Gold Box (the entire series) in a WIUX/S Alumni scavenger hunt. Also, the complete original Star Trek, and complete I Love Lucy. Totally stoked.

Also, friends threw me a birthday party a week before my real birthday because our lease is up on Friday, the day after my real birthday. I was also very excited about that.

But my crush didn't come. Nor did many of the people who said they were going to. And I was very upset.

And today I locked my keys in my truck and consequently sacrificed $40 to the lock gods to get them back because I didn't make the simple $2 investment of getting a spare made.

And now I feel that every bit of excitement and glowing awesomeness has just been sucked out of the past week for me. And I hate myself for getting so negative so quickly.

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  1. I know what you mean with the sucking out-ness.